Episode 6

Money Lessons I Wish Were Taught In School!

Raise your hand if you wish personal finance had been taught as part of your school's curriculum. We can all agree the financial education taught in school is abysmal. So, grab a drink and listen in as Isaiah and Josh talk about the money lessons they wish they had learned earlier.

What's the #1 biggest lesson or strategy you wish you knew?


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Josh Bennett

I am an unabashed personal finance nerd and I am passionate about providing people the education and means to escape an unfulfilling life using money as a tool to pursue their best life. I founded Vincere Wealth, Money Masters, and Vincere Tax with this goal in mind.
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Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP®, CEPA

We all are working and striving towards goals for the future – yet most people don’t understand what money actually is. My goal and role on this show is to challenge, share, and provide feedback to allow you to be better equipped to grow and build wealth. I believe that traditional advice has merit but also a lot of shortcomings. Passionate about investing, bitcoin, and business ownership. Never short on opinions 🤣 partner @ Vincere Wealth.